Friday, January 22, 2010

After the Storms

The worst of the storms have passed and now it is time for the clean up. Actually, I am very fortunate to only have storm debris and the last of the flowering pear leaves to deal with.
Everything is clean, clear and bright and we were blessed with a rainbow the other evening towards sunset. It wasn't the brightest in color, but looked magnificent against the stormy clouds to the East. We even had the thrill of thunder and lightening~something that doesn't happen often here on the Central Coast~what a treat for this old Midwest girl.

I have kept busy in the studio creating jewelry as the storms pounded around the hill. I was inspired by the all the green around me and the promise of Spring. Check out my new items at With all the rain there was not one good reason to feel even the tiniest bit guilty for working in the studio and not the yard. I usually feel torn between the two.

Today I joined two friends for tea at our local Tea Cozy. What a perfect place to have lunch on a rainy afternoon. Yummy scones and Devon Cream!! They ventured on to Farmer's Market, but I needed to deliver some new necklaces to Lily's to fill some empty spots in my display. I am afraid I am more of a fair weather market girl. We are fortunate to have one each day of the week somewhere close by, year round.

Be safe and be grateful for the blessings you have been given.

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